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 "I like life. It's something to do."

 - Ronnie Shakes

Doorota (Doorman + Dorota)

So awesome about the Doorman/Dorota! He likes her! woot woot, new ship!
 But I haven't quite forgiven Dorota for her setting up Nair. I can only assume she was in a love haze with Doorman and didn't realize her actions. :(
<------ Please bathe

You've never seen anything like it

Words fail me.
Pure Genius


 QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I have decided to start this to brighten up everyone's start to the week (hopefully) so every Monday I'll include a quote which I like.
This week:
"There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891


I think it is very true. 
Everyone wants to be talked about, even if it's in a bad way. And everyone certainly enjoys talking about other people. We have Gossip Girl to prove that. Incidentally, the quote is very like one of the original tag lines for GG: You're nobody until you're talked about. 
Old Oscar really knew what he was talking about. 
And anyway, "Good news everyone!" (in the Professor Farnsworthy voice), scientific studies show that bitching on a certain level is good for us, it flushes out all the bad emotions. So don't feel bad next time you bitch about someone. It's HEALTHY!!!! Woot Woot!


p.s. Talking of GG, I hear from the Canadian recap its a crap eppy: should I bother watching tomorrow (I watch it online)? I could always fast-forward through any gag worthy scenes, e.g. Nair and Chuhobo (as the Kool-Aidwebsite accurately dubbed CV). Thoughts?


Bums, Bikes and Cakeys

 I am really knackered, because yesterday I went on a bike ride to Windsor and back, which was about 34 miles, and my bum hurts so much. Plus, I got a puncture, but I didn't realise for about 10 mins, when I was just pedalling along and not getting anywhere. It was very frustrating, I was practically in tears (by that time I was cold and tired). But for the most part I enjoyed myself. Which is good. 

  Anyway, look what arrived in  my inbox the other day. Get excited, minxes!
Georgia N. book 10 (that rhymes) is coming out really soon! Title has not yet been released but I think it is coming out in the summer. Which cakey will Georgia choose - Masimo the Italian Cakey or Dave the Tart? We will have to wait and see. Personally, I don't want to wait. But alas, I must. 
BTW, go to sugarscape.com and you can win a chance to be at the wrap party (but only if you live in the UK). OR go to georgia-nicolson.co.uk and you can find out more about the book that way. 

Mar. 29th, 2009

Furniture Furniture

Vintage ads are the best, I found a whole site dedicated to them.

This one is from Sears.

I wish they still made ads like this, I would actually buy the products.


I joined LJ half a year ago. 
I STILL don't know how to get a nice layout. I've tried all the tutorials and the make no sense to me. They talk about overrides and codes and words I don't understand. WTF. I just want someone to tell me, in plain English, how to get a nicer layout. Patronize me if you want, but JUST FIND SOME WAY OF GETTING ME TO UNDERSTAND IT!!! I'm so stupid and crap with computers, so please just explain it to me like I'm a small child. A step by step guide. 
It would help a lot. And I'm so thick that it took me about two hours to work out how to post this to LJ styles. I wish LJ was just like Facebook and everyone had the same blue background. That is why I like Facebook. It is simple and easy to understand. No overrides, whatever the f that is. 
I am going to go and cool off now.
Thank You.

Gossip Girl gone mad!

 Ok, this has been bugging me for the past couple of days: its this NB and CV thing! Why? Why? do the writers do this to us? It's not right! It's cruel, cruel, cruel. Chair is the ONLY couple on the show. (I also ship Serenate but that doesn't look like it will ever happen). Without Chair there would BE no show. Only Eric and Dorota would hold it together. 
  I will never ship NB : as Russell Brand said in a deleted scene of Forgetting Sarah Marshall "I would rather have my testicles spread wafer thin and pasted with honey and have wasps unleashed on my own genitals and then have the resulting stings to be covered in vinegar and worn as a swimming cap by a Nazi."
I don't have testicles. But oh well. This pretty much sums up my feelings. Also, I just wanted to include that hilarious quote as it made me LOL very hard. 

p.s. My friend doesn't like Chuck Bass! Can you believe this? She says he is ugly ("he looks like a sprout"), gay, and has no fashion sense. But as C said, "don't mock the scarf. It's my signature." And ugly? How does she not melt whenever he comes on screen? My only excuse for her is that she hasn't been watching Season 2 online like me and has not yet viewed episode 13, which is the most epic Chuck episode ever. She WILL eat her words. Ed himself is a little trampy though. And I hate it when Chuck slicks back his hair, it looks better sort of ruffled, somehow making him look thinner. 

p.p.s. Sorry about that little rant. I just had to get it out of my system. I am cheered by these pictures! And I know I'm sad to get so worked up over a TV program, but I'm not alone! I am joined by millions of others. I take heart in this knowledge. 

Bonjour - Update time!
On Saturday I went to Westfield Shopping Centre, the new MASSIVE one that has opened in Shepherd's Bush. It is the second largest in Europe or something equally ludicrous. Well, it was very big, is all I am saying. It was pretty amazing - if you have ever seen the film 'The Island', it looks a little like the place where all the clones live -  really futuristic and super snazzy. 
That is quality shopping. And in Top Shop I entered some competition to go to NYC. This, my friends, this is something I really want to do. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would choose New York. Well, actually I would probably choose South America or something, but you get my nub and gist. The prize also includes £500 spending money, and an extra £500 to spend in the new Top Shop store opening over there. If this does not scream "FAB!" to you, go and get your head checked out, because you're either insane or just very dim.

Pip pip! I'm off to dinner. Jolly marvelous.


The Loon has landed again

 Hurrah, the loon has landed again!
I am here!

I now have a book to read, it's "Little Dorrit" by Darles Chickens...err,  I mean Charles Dickens (Yes, the BFG calls him Darles Chickens in the famous book by Roald Dahl). Anyway, the BBC series has started, and in the spirit of things I purchased the book today. All I can say is, Blimey! It's very thick, I practically collapsed when I picked it up!
But the guy in it who plays the uncle or something, he lived opposite us once upon a time. He plays a dithering fool. Then again, 'he always plays dithering fools...because he is one' as my dad put it.

Oh yes, please check out my fanfiction page - my account name is the_friendly_writer

Bye then!